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With over 26 years in the damage restoration service, Rytech Restoration is the company to call when an emergency strikes. Your local Austin TX team handles multiple services for large and small-scale damage and loss.


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Commercial Mold Remediation Specialists

Whether your roof has leaked, a pipe has burst, or there has been some flooding, moisture can do its damage to areas that are hidden from plain sight. Without the correct steps in cleanup and removal, mold can thrive within your space. Rytech Restoration of Austin is your go-to mold removal and remediation solution.

The Tricky Thing With Commercial Mold Damage

Water is the main cause of mold issues, and if it isn’t removed right away and dried out thoroughly from your commercial space, it will provide the perfect environment for mold to thrive. It’s possible to have a mold issue and not even know it because it grows in darker places where there is moisture. Rytech can find those problem areas in your commercial space and rid the moisture to prevent mold growth. We get rid of mold, perform remediation services, and help get your commercial property to a stable condition.

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Rytech’s Mold Mitigation Services:

  • Inspect your commercial space for any signs of mold and dampness
  • Test for hidden pockets of moisture
  • Physically contain all mold
  • Humidity control and moisture removal
  • Treat the affected areas in order to neutralize the mold
  • Get rid of damaged materials and replace with new
  • Retest air quality and decontamination efforts

Our Team Tackles Your Mold Problem Efficiently

Your best bet in preventing mold growth from overtaking your commercial space is to fix leaks and to clean up any flooding and water damage as soon as possible, because mold can thrive at any time, no matter where we’re at in the calendar. Mold becomes a huge issue, especially if your business has recently been exposed to water damage. Our IICRC certified mold remediation specialists will conduct a comprehensive inspection for your commercial building and provide you with dependable mitigation solutions. We will implement an efficient plan to get rid of the mold from your building and treat the affected areas with industry-standard techniques, and this will include the source of moisture, so we can prevent further issues. After our commercial mold remediation process, our technicians utilize the services of an independent, third-party, indoor air quality specialist to make sure your business has passed clearance testing and you’ll get a copy of the test results for your records.

No matter the time or day, Rytech will be there.

What’s the Impact of Mold Damage and How Can it Affect People?

The first thing you might be concerned about is how mold might affect your employees and your customers. Only in severe cases can mold cause serious illness, but for sensitive groups, mold can cause mild irritation to the eyes, throat, and respiratory system.

Mold not only impacts people’s health, but it can also do damage to your commercial space, which can result in costly repairs. Its cultivation can impact the structure, building materials and other components of your space. For the most part, mold normally grows in areas that trap in moisture, however, it can grow in unexpected places too.

Hidden Moisture Traps:

  • Paper products
  • Paints
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Insulation
  • Cardboard
  • Drywall
  • Wood products
  • Upholstery

When mold thrives in any property, the components, building materials, fixtures, and contents can undergo serious damages. There’s also the potential for mold to damage the structural integrity of the building, as it can spread and break down organic matter like paper, cardboard, textiles, and wood. When mold grows inside walls, the paper backing on drywall, wood, upholstery, and insulation can become compromised. This is where Rytech can help with our commercial mold remediation services.

Along with structural damage, mold can affect personal property as well. The inventory your business has, or any other work-related products are almost impossible to clean thoroughly and disinfect without professional services from Rytech Austin's Mold Remediation Team.

How serious can the situation get when left neglected? Mold has the ability to enter your ducts too. A lot of ductwork is not visible or accessible for cleaning, but when you get professional assistance from a commercial remediation company like Rytech, we take the time and effort to address your ductwork. It is highly important to clean heating and ventilation systems, because your ductwork is an excellent pathway to other areas of your property. The most efficient way to tackle these problems is to have the mold mitigation experts from Rytech come over.

Common Causes Of Commercial Mold Damage:

  • Water Damage
  • High Humidity
  • Leaky Air Ducts
  • Leaky Plumbing
  • Roof Leaks
  • Poor Attic Ventiliation
  • Poor Bathroom Ventilation
  • Damp Basements
  • Flooding

Professionals You Can Trust When It Matters Most!

When disaster strikes, business owners need a helpful resource on which they can rely on in an emergency situation. Rytech is ready for your call. In regard to property damage, emergencies will never stop, so we provide essential services through our water mitigation and mold remediation for your commercial property.

The Process for Commercial Mold Remediation

Professional Help & Expert Guidance for Your Business

At Rytech, we understand that there are enough challenges you face when dealing with mold in your commercial space, so we’ve made the remediation process easier for you with a guide through every step! Easy contact, ready response, and fast turnaround make your local Rytech Restoration the place to call.

Reach Out to the Experts

If you've noticed any signs of mold or musty odors in your building, the best thing to do is to reach out to a certified mold specialist in your area so they can inspect your space. Live customer support is available and ready to provide immediate assistance and dispatch a certified Rytech Restoration specialist to your property. For immediate help, call (512) 518-6753.

emergency contact

Determining the Problem and the Source

When they arrive, your Rytech Restoration specialist will thoroughly look at the situation by taking moisture readings and pinpointing microbial growth that’s leading to contamination within your building. Based on their findings and what local regulations dictate, an analysis from an industrial hygienist (IH) could also be necessary during the inspection.

mold inspection

Getting Your Business Back to Normal

After your building has undergone an inspection, documentation will get sent to Rytech’s centralized Data Mitigation Specialist staff for review. An estimate for your project will be tallied based on industry standards and pricing tools. Your Rytech commercial mold mitigation experts will walk you through every step of your remediation plan prior to any work being started.

remediation plan

Remove Damage Materials and Restore Them

Once a mitigation plan has been authorized, contractors will start to physically control the areas where the mold contamination is present and set up negative air pressure zones to prevent spores from spreading into areas that aren’t contaminated. Once the job site has been fully prepped, work will begin on restoring and removing mold damaged materials from your commercial space.

mold damage removal

Confirming That Your Business Is Back to Normal

Once the mold remediation services are finished, your Rytech specialist or industrial hygienist will conduct a post remediation clearance test to make sure that all the mold has been cleared away and that your building’s environment has returned back to normal.

100% customer satisfaction

Commercial Mold Damage Restoration

Rytech’s trained and IICRC certified technicians thoroughly investigate potential growth on indoor and outdoor surfaces, take samples, and implement various techniques to identify the presence of mold. From that point, they figure out the extent of growth and assess the damages. Contamination is a major thing that needs to be addressed when mold is present because of water damage and excess moisture. Rytech experts employ time-tested methods to stop the spread of mold spores. Our mold specialists physically divide areas using negative air pressure zones where mold has established itself in order to stop spores from spreading into other areas.

We take airborne spore samples during the mold remediation process, so as to track mold removal and verify that we meet the industry standards for decontamination. We also do follow-up air sampling after a specified time. Emergencies cannot be predicted, which is why Rytech offers 24-hour emergency services. We provide the most reliable commercial mold remediation services because we know that the last thing any business owner wants to deal with is a disaster in their space.

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Once your disaster recovery plan has been approved, your technician will begin work to stop the spread of damage at your property.

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