Privacy Policy

1.0 Introduction

Rybrands, Inc. is a holding entity established to oversee subsidiary businesses. These subsidiaries include:

  • Rytech, Inc.: A Georgia corporation providing rental equipment services to Rytech Franchisees in the emergency property restoration industry.  
  • Rytech Franchising, Inc.: A Georgia corporation serving as a national Franchisor, Rytech Franchising, Inc. offers emergency property restoration services to residential and commercial property owners through its network of highly trained and industry-certified professionals (Rytech Restoration franchisees). It also provides sales and marketing support for the franchise network.
  • Rytech North Florida, Inc.: A Florida corporation providing property restoration services in the Orlando, Florida area.  
  • Rytech of Southern Florida, Inc.: A Florida corporation delivering property restoration services in Southern Florida.
  • Rytech Admin Services, LLC: A Georgia limited liability corporation providing administrative support to the Rytech franchisee network, including dispatch, billing, credentialing, training, and accounts receivable assistance.

For more information about our services, please refer to our website:

This Privacy Policy applies to Rybrands (“we,” “our,” or “us”) as related to our services, which collectively include:

  • the use of https://rytechinc.com/ (“Website”)
  • social media messages and marketing campaigns and 
  • the use of our products and services. 

This Privacy Policy sets out the essential details relating to data relationships with Rybrands:

  • Website visitors
  • A prospective clients
  • Job applicants and
  • Partners

Rybrands maintains closed systems that are inaccessible to external users. Our website remains disconnected from these systems. Access to Rybrands's data is granted solely on a need-to-know basis after background verification.

2.0 Personal Information We Collect 

While providing our services, Rybrands must collect information to document our work and provide supportive evidence for any claim submission. This information collection is necessary to fulfill our contractual obligations and provide efficient and effective services.

We may collect any or part of the following:

  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Contact phone number(s)
  • Email address(es)
  • Floorplan with measurements
  • Interior photos
  • Exterior photos
  • Moisture readings
  • Property Details such as size, year built, etc.
  • Insurance details such as company, policy number, claim number, and coverage details
  • Damage Assessment  including the extent of the damage, cause, affected areas, severity, pre-existing conditions, damaged items, inventory lists, assessments of salvageability and value
  • Work progress details include work performed, times and dates of service, and materials used
  • Communication records, including notes of conversations, recordings of conversations, emails, and approvals originating from customers, contractors, and carrier representatives
  • Copies of contracts, agreements, work orders, and other legal documents related to the process of mitigation services
  • Payment and Billing information necessary for the billing, invoicing, and payment of services rendered, including payment methods and transaction details. Rybrands does not store any cardholder data.
  • Feedback regarding the quality of services provided, satisfaction levels, or concerns related to the mitigation process.
  • Employee names, email addresses, and contractual agreements
  • Vendor names, email addresses, contractual agreements, or other personal data necessary for Rybrands services
  • Customer names and email addresses used to provide services within Rybrands’s platform
  • Job Applicant details, including resume or CV details or cover letter.

Further information, including Rybrands' specific obligations, can be found in the Service and Data Processing Agreements.

2.1 Information You Choose to Provide to Us


We may ask you to provide personal information when:

  • You use the website to inquire about services.
  • You request a quote.
  • You refer a friend to us.
  • You connect with us directly via phone calls, texts, or video conferencing platforms.
  • You participate in a marketing or sales promotion.
  • You attend trade events and other industry networking events.
  • You register or attend a webinar or other event.
  • You participate in programs we may offer from time to time.
  • You participate in chats.
  • You contract with us for services.
  • You pay for our services. 

If you choose to provide us with a third party’s personal information (the person’s name, email, and company) when taking part in our referral program, you represent that you have the third party’s permission to do so. 


We collect personal information as provided above.

As an end user of the application, we collect your name, business email address, and any comments you make.

In addition, we may collect data uploaded by you, your employer, or other users of any applications required for Rybrands services. We expect all users to follow their organization’s privacy policy and any applicable regulatory requirements when uploading, accessing, and using personal information in our application. The data uploaded may include personal information like: 

  • Employee names, email addresses, and contractual agreements
  • Vendor names, email addresses, contractual agreements, or other personal data necessary for Rybrands services
  • Customer names and email addresses used to provide services within Rybrands’s platform

2.2 Information We Collect Automatically


When you land on any of our web pages, we collect information about your visits to the website and the application through cookies and similar tracking technology. This data helps us gauge visitor conversion rates and enhance our website's features and functionality, thus improving individual user experiences.

Certain web browsers, including some mobile ones, offer settings to manage or decline cookies and to notify you when a cookie is added to your computer, tablet, or mobile device. While accepting cookies is not mandatory, blocking or rejecting them could limit your access to our site's features.


The information collected includes:

  • access times
  • the pages you view
  • the links you click on 
  • the search terms you enter 
  • actions you take in connection with any of the visited pages
  • your device information, such as IP address, location, browser type, and language
  • the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of the website that referred you to our website and 
  • the URL you browse away from our pages if you click on an external link

We may also collect information when you open our email messages or click on links within those email messages.

2.3 Information We May Collect From Third Parties


We may combine the information we collect from your direct interactions with us with information obtained through other third-party sources, such as insurance carrier representatives, other contractors, etc. We may also obtain or purchase lists from third parties about individuals and companies interested in our products. 


We may collect information from third parties, including personal information related to our services, as described in 2.0.

Data purchased from third parties includes your name, email address, business address, job title, company name, and telephone number.

3.0 How We Use Personal Information  

We use your personal information to: 

  • Deliver the contracted services
  • Allow use of the applications necessary
  • Deliver training and support to our users
  • Carry out the transactions you have requested
  • Communicate with you directly through emails, calls, texts, chats, and video conferencing
  • Process payments for services
  • Send communications to you about:
    • New features and upgrades
    • Our services and offerings
    • Event announcements
    • Product notices and changes to our terms and policies
    • Particular programs in which you have chosen to participate
    • Promotional offers and surveys
    • Scheduling and managing quotes or services
  • Advertise and market our products and services, including delivering interest-based advertisements on this website and other sites or content syndication platforms and websites
  • Carry out market research to understand how to improve our services and their delivery
  • Create and manage marketing campaigns
  • Generate sales leads and increase our market share
  • Analyze user clicks and application and website usage to improve user experience and maximize usage of our services
  • Manage our website and applications to maintain and deliver the contracted functionality and services
  • Enforce our website and application terms and separate contracts (if applicable) with you
  • Prevent fraud and other prohibited or illegal activities
  • Protect the security or integrity of the website, application, our business, or services
  • Or otherwise, as disclosed to you at the collection point or as required or permitted by law

Please note that sometimes we may record phone or videoconferencing calls in which you participate to analyze and improve our staff’s communication skills. If we do so, we will announce it at the beginning of the call and in the meeting.

We do not sell your information to any third party. 

If Rybrands needs to use personal information for an unrelated or new/secondary purpose, Rybrands will notify the appropriate individual and obtain their consent for the new purpose or rely on another prescribed exception under the applicable privacy legislation for the use or disclosure. Where consent is used as the basis for the secondary use or disclosure, individuals have the right to withdraw their consent at any time. Where the secondary use or disclosure includes sensitive information (i.e., personal health information), Rybrands will take reasonable steps to ensure the information is de-identified before it is disclosed or used. 

4.0 How We Share Personal Information

Our Application and Services

If you are an end user of our applications, your personal information may be viewed by other users with access to the application.  

Service Providers

We use third parties to help us provide our services. They will have access to the information collected from the website or the application as reasonably necessary to perform the contracted tasks on our behalf. We sign contractual agreements to obligate them to protect personal information, only use it to deliver the contracted services, prohibit them from selling it, and not disclose it without our knowledge and permission. 

Service Provider NameBusiness PurposeInformation Collected by the Service Provider
 Verisk’s XactimateEstimatingAll or some items listed in 2.0
 CoreLogic's MICAJob Tracking and Management All or some items listed in 2.0
 EncircleJob Tracking and ManagementAll or some items listed in 2.0
MatterportJob Videos and PhotosAll or some items listed in 2.0

Legal Disclosures

We may need to disclose personal information when required by law, subpoena, or other legal processes, as identified in the applicable legislation. 

We attempt to notify our clients about legal demands for their data when appropriate in our judgment unless prohibited by law or court order or when the request is an emergency.

Change in Control

We can also share your data as part of a sale, merger, change in control, or preparation for any of these events. 

Any other entity that buys us or part of our business will have the right to continue to use your data, but only in the manner set out in this Privacy Policy unless you agree otherwise.

5.0 How We Secure Personal Information

We are committed to protecting the security of all personal information we collect and use. 

We use a variety of physical, administrative, and technical safeguards to help protect data from unauthorized access, use, and disclosure. We have implemented best-practice standards and controls in compliance with internationally recognized security frameworks. We use encryption technologies to protect data at rest and in transit. 

Our website and applications may contain links to other websites. We have no control over their operation and/or the accuracy of any statements made on them and assume no responsibility with respect to them or their legal compliance.

6.0 Your Rights

We provide the same suite of services to all our clients and end users worldwide.

We offer the following rights to all individuals regardless of their location or applicable privacy regulations.

For personal information we have about you, you can:

  • Request a copy of your personal information

You have the right to obtain information about what personal data we possess about you or to obtain a copy of your personal information. 

If you have provided personal information to us, you may contact us to obtain an outline of what data we have about you or a copy of the information. 

If you are an end user of the application, you can log in to view your personal information or contact your employer for more details.

  • You have the right to be notified of what personal information we collect about you and how we use it, disclose it, and protect it.

This Privacy Policy describes what personal information we collect and our privacy practices.

  • Change or correct your personal information.

You have the right to request that we update or correct your personal information.

Submit requests for updates or corrections via email to info@rytecinc.com or call our central office at 770-977-8787.

  • Delete or erase your personal information.

You have the right to request the deletion of your personal information at any time via email to info@rytechinc.com . We will communicate the result of your request to you within reasonable timelines. We may not be able to delete or erase your personal information, but we will inform you of these reasons and any further actions available to you.

  • Opt-Out or Update your subscription setting.

You have the right to opt out of our processing of your personal information for direct marketing purposes. If you object, we will stop using your personal information for these purposes. Opting out can be completed by using this link: Opt Out & Unscribe Link .

  • Ask us to restrict the processing of your personal information.

You may have the right to ask us to limit the way that we use your personal information. 

  • Export your personal data.

You have the right to request that we export your personal information in a readable format.

7.0 How Long We Keep Your Personal Information

We retain information as long as necessary to provide the services to you and our clients, subject to any legal obligations to retain such information longer.

We may also retain information to comply with the law, prevent fraud, collect fees, resolve disputes, troubleshoot problems, assist with investigations, enforce our Terms of Service, and take other actions permitted by law. 

The information we retain will be handled following this Privacy Policy.

Information connected to you that is no longer necessary and relevant to our services may be de-identified or aggregated with other non-personal data. This information may provide Rybrands with commercially valuable insights, such as statistics on the use of the services. 

8.0 Other Important Information

We will only collect and process your data where we have a lawful reason for its collection. 

When you visit our website and provide us with your personal information, we collect and use it with your consent.  

For an employee/end user, you consent to our collection of your personal information when you log in for the first time. However, your employer has control of the account and may upload and share additional personal information. Your employer’s responsibility is to ensure that collecting, using, and sharing the personal information uploaded to the application complies with all applicable legislation. 

We reserve the right to amend this policy at any time at our sole discretion, and any such amendments shall apply to information already collected.

Except as otherwise required by law, any disputes regarding this Policy shall be resolved through arbitration in accordance with IL law in Atlanta, GA.

How to select your communications preferences 

You may choose not to receive marketing communications from us. Please click the “Unsubscribe” link in the email we sent you or use this link Opt Out & Unscribe Link to stop receiving marketing communications. 

Even if you opt out of receiving marketing communications, we may still communicate with you regarding security and privacy issues, servicing your account, fulfilling your requests, or administering any promotion or any program in which you may have elected to participate. 

9.0 Contact Information

You may email us at info@rytechinc.com to exercise any of your rights or ask for more information about your personal information and our privacy practices.

For Individuals Based in The United States 

Under the California Privacy Rights Act (‘CPRA’) – which amended and expanded on CCPA, Connecticut Data Privacy Act (‘CTDPA’),  Virginia Commonwealth Data Protection Act (‘CDPA’), Utah Consumer Privacy Act (‘UCPA’), and the Colorado Privacy Act (‘CPA’), consumers may be able to exercise the following rights in relation to the personal information about them that we have collected (subject to certain limitations at law):

  • The right to access/know any or all of the information relating to your personal information that we have collected, processed, or disclosed in the preceding 12 months (upon verification of your identity). For details on the categories of personal information we have collected and/or shared, refer to sections “2.0 Personal Information We Collect” and “4.0 How We Share Personal Information in this notice. Rybrands will provide a copy of the consumer’s data in a portable and, to the extent technically feasible, readily usable format.
  • The right to request the deletion of personal information we have collected from you.
  • The right to opt-out of personal information sales to third parties now or in the future. However, we do not sell your personal information.
  • The right to opt-in to personal information sales to third parties for consumers under the age of 16. However, we do not sell personal information of minor consumers.
  • The right to opt out of sharing personal information with third parties now or in the future. To view the information we have shared in the preceding 12 months, refer to section “4.0 How We Share Personal Information”in the notice.
  • The right to request rectification/correction of inaccurate personal information, considering the nature and purposes of processing the information. (Not Applicable under UCPA)
  • The right to limit the use and disclosure of sensitive personal information to that which is necessary to perform the services or provide the goods reasonably expected by an average consumer. (Applicable under CCPA, as amended by CPRA)
  • The right to opt out of the processing of sensitive personal information (I.e., data that reveals ethnic or racial origin, mental or physical health diagnosis, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or citizenship or immigration status. (Applicable under UCPA)
  • The right to opt out of targeted advertising. (Applicable under CPA, CTDPA, UCPA, VCDPA)
  • The right to opt out of profiling in connection with automated decisions. (Applicable under CPA, CTDPA, UCPA)

Please note that if exercising these rights limits our ability to process personal information (such as a deletion request), we may no longer be able to provide you with our products and services or engage with you in the same manner. Additionally, Rybrands has established processes (including periodically reviewing business processes, systems, and resources) to ensure consumers who exercise any of the above rights under US state privacy laws are not discriminated against.

How to Exercise Your Consumer Rights

To exercise any of your rights mentioned above, please submit a request by contacting us at info@rytechinc.comor by clicking the following Opt Out & Unscribe Link.

We will need to verify your identity before processing your request. 

To verify your identity, we will generally require sufficient information from you so that we can match it to the information we maintain about you in our systems. Sometimes, we may need additional personal information from you to identify you. We will notify you. 

We may decline a request where we cannot verify your identity or locate your information in our systems or as permitted by law. In this case, we may request that you provide additional information reasonably necessary to authenticate you and your request.

You may designate an authorized agent to make a request under the CCPA on your behalf. No information will be disclosed until the authorized agent’s authority has been reviewed and verified. Once an authorized agent has submitted a request, we may require additional information (i.e., written authorization from you) to confirm the authorized agent’s authority.

If you are an employee or former employee of a Rybrands client that uses our application and services, please direct your requests and/or questions directly to your employer or former employer.

If you are a third party (auditor, business associate, etc.) who was given access to the Rybrands application by a Rybrands client, please direct your requests and/or questions directly to the Rybrands client that gave you access.

If Rybrands does not take action on your Consumer Rights Request within 45 days, or in the event of an extension, within the maximum 90-day response period, we will inform you in writing of the reasons for not taking action, as well as provide an explanation of any rights you have to appeal the decision. For opt-out or limit use and disclosure requests submitted under the CCPA, Rybrands will respond as soon as feasibly possible, up to a maximum of 15 days. 

For consumers residing in Virginia within 60 days of receipt of an appeal and for consumers residing in Colorado, within 45 days of receipt of an appeal, Rybrands will inform the consumer, in writing, of any action taken/not taken in response to the appeal, including an explanation of the reasons for the decisions. If the appeal is denied, Rybrands will provide consumers with an online mechanism, if available, or another method that allows the consumer to contact the Attorney General to submit a complaint.

Minors Under Age 16

Our application and services are intended for business use, and we do not expect them to be of any interest to minors. We do not intentionally collect any personal information of consumers under 18. If you believe a child under 18 may have provided us with their Personal Information, please get in touch with us at info@rytechinc.com . Following contact, Rybrands will request the age of the data subject, who is a minor, and get the consent of the holder of the parental responsibility for the minor only in the event that Rybrands needs to process that personal information.